Linus Quilts

Members are encouraged to make quilts for the Linus Project.

Please note that Linus Quilts are not being delivered during Covid19 because of the risk factor.  You can of course continue making items and hand them in once things are back to normal.  Thank you.

Finished Quilts can be handed in during a meeting or for more information please contact Alice Nicoll on 07759977662 or email:

Visit the new Facebook Page – Linus Inverness

Linus Quilts – Website

Recommendations for Quilts

Material:   New,  Washable, Cotton/Poly-cotton (at least 50% Cotton), Bright Bold colours, Youngster friendly pattern (Limit use of flowers and pink please)

Backing:    Can be poly cotton sheet and/ or suitable fleece (non stretch) instead of wadding and backing.

Sizes:         Minimum of 24″ square

                    Maximum of 42” x 48”

                  Most useful size is 44″ square (approx)

No embellishments. i.e. buttons or ribbons.  If appliquéd it must be close stitched.

If in doubt contact a Committe member