Welcome to Highland Quilters

Welcome to Highland Quilters.   We meet every third Tuesday of the month (except July and August) at Smithton Church Hall , Murray Road, Inverness, IV2 7YU  at 7.30 p.m.

Next Meeting: Tuesday 21st January 2020 at 7.30pm

Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday 21st January 2020 at 7.30pm at Smithton Church. We will be making a Tissue Holder and a Thread Catcher for the Quilters Guild AGM, which is in Stirling this year.

This is a copy of the instructions that were handed out in December for our January meetings activity.

We will be making a :-


You will need to bring along 2 pieces of different cotton fabric
8 1/2″ x 6″ Fabric one

7″ x 6″   Fabric two

Needle and thread

and for the 


10″ 8″ rectangle of fabric
2 circles of card 2.75″ in diameter
2 circles of wadding 2.75″ in diameter
2 circles of same fabric 3.5″ diameter
Needle and thread to match

To save time – Please Prepare the Rectangle:
Fold over and press 1/4″ along the 10″ side of the rectangle.
Join 8″ sides together with a quarter inch seam.

Thank you


 Visitors are very welcome –   Just make yourselves known to a committee member at the door. (£5 for visitors)

 Contact us at  :- highlandquilters@gmail.com